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Letter to Parents
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Grins & Giggles Child Care

Dear Parents and/or Guardians,

Welcome to Grins & Giggles Child Care. I am very excited that you are interested in my child care program and hope this information packet will help you understand who I am and what I hope to accomplish.

My name is Nancy Thurm and my husband, Bill, and I have raised four beautiful children and have three grandchildren whom we adore. I have spent many years working with children through daycare, schools, foster parenting and as a leader in the children's ministry at our church. Bill is a police officer and has a long history of safety training, which he has ingrained into his family. We raised our children in a loving Christian home with wisdom, kindness, structure, consistency, and positive discipline & guidance, and I use the same principles & values in caring for my daycare children (your children).

It is my goal to provide a safe environment where children can learn while having fun, and parents/guardians can feel secure in knowing their children are in good hands and that every effort is being made to ensure their children are kept safe and well cared for in their absence. It is also my goal to promote your child's academic growth by creating a fun learning experience, while helping them learn positive behavioral guidelines that will teach them how to act at school, in public, with other children and with adults. I believe in fostering children's self-esteem and confidence by encouraging their natural creativity & expression through old-fashioned methods such as: crafts, art, music, story telling, interactive games & songs, cookie decorating, puppet shows and the use of building materials such as clay, blocks, and plain cardboard boxes. In addition, it is my goal to promote an understanding and respect for our environment and the world we live in by involving the children in the exploration & appreciation of nature and animals via visual media, walks, a daily routine of recycling, no littering, and planting a chemical-free garden from which they reap & enjoy the harvest of their efforts.

It is also my goal to target children's health by providing nutritious meals and snacks, limiting sweets, and involving children in a fun and safe daily exercise routine, to encourage them to maintain a healthy body and, hopefully healthy lifestyle.

I truly believe that children are a blessing and gift from God, and I take the responsibility of caring for His precious gift seriously. Please know you are always welcome to drop by unannounced anytime during daycare hours.

Thank you!

Nancy Thurm (aka Nana)