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Child Care Guidelines
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Grins & Giggles Child Care

1. All children enter childcare on a two-week trial basis to ensure proper adjustment for provider, child and parent/guardian.
2. All forms must be returned completely filled out before a child enters care. All forms are subject to a yearly renewal and must be kept up to date.
3. State law requires that every child in a child care setting have an up-to-date physical exam and immunization record on file. A form must be completed by a physician and given to the provider. A physician must update the form annually.

4. Care will be provided for minor illnesses such as a minor cold. Care will not be provided for children with temperatures of 101 or higher, or if he/she is vomiting or has diarrhea. A 50% discount will be allowed during the second & subsequent weeks of absence due to illness when a doctor's note is provided.
5. Parent/guardian will notify the child care provider if the child is not attending due to illness. The parent will be charged the full price of weekly care fees in order to reserve the child's space during absences.
6. If the provider is too sick to provide care, the parent/guardian will be notified with as much time as possible to find alternative care.
7. State law requires medication (even non-prescription) be in its original container with the child's name and a current date. Before provider administers any medication, parent/guardian must provide written instructions about medications and a schedule of doses.
8. If the child becomes ill, the child will be made comfortable and a parent/guardian notified. In case of an emergency, 911 will be called and a parent/guardian notified. Provider is certified in first aid and CPR.
9. The parent/guardian is responsible for all costs incurred for medical care and/or transportation provided during the medical emergency.
10. Minor scratches and scrapes will be treated by washing with soap & water and the application of a Band-Aid. Parent/guardian will be notified of treatment.
11. As a licensed child care provider, I am mandated by the government under Section 11166 of the Penal code to report any known or suspected instances of child abuse, molestation or neglect to a child protective agency immediately or as soon as practically possibly.

12. Meals (breakfast before 9 a.m., and lunch from noon - 1 p.m.) and snacks will be provided and included in the weekly cost.
13. It will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide formula, breast milk, or food/drink for infants and children requiring special food/drink.
14. Please do not send candy or gum with your child.

15. All children will nap or rest in the afternoon.
16. Parent/guardian will provide a labeled sheet and blanket for all children in care between 12:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.
17. Parent/guardian will provide an extra set of clothes, (shirt, pants, underwear & socks). Please label each of these items. I will put them away and use as needed.
18. A responsible adult must accompany the child into the house and must sign the child in. A child may not leave the house until a parent/guardian or an authorized adult has signed he/she out.
19. Children may bring toys to Grins & Giggles Child Care, but only if they can be shared. All such toys should be labeled with the child's name; however, I will not be responsible if the toy is lost or damaged.
20. Parent/guardian is responsible for providing diapers & wipes. These must be labeled with the child's name and will only be used for that child. You will be informed when the supply is running low. If the supply is depleted, you will be charged a reasonable rate for any supplies used that belong to Grins & Giggles Child Care.
21. Toilet training will be encouraged by Provider with written instructions from parent/guardian on how they wish this to be handled, and necessary equipment and/or supplies will be provided by parent/guardian.
22. The proper car seat required by law for your child will be provided at the time the child is dropped off, and will be returned at pick-up.
23. I require a photo of your child to be kept in their record folder. If you do not supply me with one, one will be taken of your child for this purpose on the first day of drop-off, in your presence.
24. Occasionally I like to include pictures of the children in class projects or for the children and parents/guardians to view the children in the child care environment. Children love seeing themselves in pictures, and love showing them to their parent/guardian. Pictures will never be taken of your child without your written permission to do so, will never be inappropriate or displayed on the internet, and will be available for your viewing at any time. If you decline permission for your child's picture to be taken, please provide photos from your own supply to be used in our class projects, so your child does not feel excluded.
25. Occasional field trips may be scheduled. Parent/guardian will be notified in advance and Authorization form must be signed or child will need alternative care for the day of the field trip.

26. Rules are set to promote positive behavior, to help the child to develop their own self-control thus becoming responsible, and are kept simple & specific while ensuring the expectations are reasonable for the age of the child.
27. Every effort will be made to ensure the environment and materials available are age appropriate, and there is a balance of quiet & active time to help reduce negative behavior.
28. Rules will be enforced on a consistent and immediate basis, never allowing negative behavior to continue, nor leaving the child to wonder when or if there will be consequences for their negative behavior.
29. Positive discipline is used and focuses on the result of the behavior and not on the child.
30. Discipline will be handled in such a way as to avoid humiliating the child, never harmful to the child's body or their self-esteem, and will include acknowledging the child's feelings.
31. Children are encouraged to help problem-solve, which helps them understand that behaviors & choices have consequences.
32. All rules will be explained to the child & every effort made to ensure they understand.
33. Once the child understands the rules, yet chooses to disobey the rules, discipline will first consist of re-direction to another activity. If the child is hurting themselves, others or equipment/property, the child will be given a time-out (removal of the child from the situation or group to help them gain control and give them opportunity to make proper/better choices), then encouraged to rejoin the group and try again. If hurtful behavior continues, the parent/guardian will be contacted, and depending on the severity of the problem, services may be terminated.
34. Children learn from example. Parents/guardians are encouraged to help me by teaching their child to understand that rules should be obeyed and all behavior has consequences (whether it is negative or positive).
35. Parents/guardians will be notified of negative behavior and discipline used.
36. Power struggles and confusion will be avoided by not offering the child choices that are the Provider's to make. (Example: the child will not be asked if they would like to take a nap.)

37. Your child's space in Grins & Giggles Child Care will be held for up to two weeks vacation per year with the first week free and the second at half the weekly rate. Any additional vacation time is to be paid at the full rate, in advance. Unused vacation time during the year cannot roll over to the next year.
38. Provider will give parent/guardian 30-days prior notice of vacation. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to arrange for alternate care during the provider's vacation.
39. Grins & Giggles Child Care will be closed on the following holidays: Dec 24-26, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving. If the holiday falls on a Saturday, child care will be closed on the Friday before, and if the holiday falls on a Sunday, child care will be closed on the Monday after.

40. Provider or parent/guardian may terminate child care services during the trial period with a 24-hour notice. After the trial period, a two-week notice is required.
41. The provider may terminate child's enrollment immediately if the child's behavior threatens the physical or emotional well being of another child. Any pre-paid weeks will be refunded if service will not be offered at any time during that week, however no portion of payment for the week in which the child is terminated will be refunded.
42. The provider may terminate child's enrollment immediately if the parent is verbally or physically abusive to the provider or another child. No refund will be offered in this situation.
43. Child care services will be terminated immediately if payment is not received within 5 days of being due.
44. Provider or parent/guardian may terminate child care services after the trial-period with a two-week notice. If the parent/guardian chooses to terminate without notice, a fee equivalent of the two-week rate will be required.

45. Parent/guardian will continue to provide current information forms as required by law and Provider.
46. No person other than the authorized parent/guardian or designated/authorized person will be allowed to pick up your child without prior written arrangements.
47. Children will not be released to any previously authorized adult who has since been denied contact with the child via court order, if a copy of the court order is in our possession as proof of such order.
48. Person dropping off or picking up a child must do so in person. No child will be sent to or from a vehicle alone.
49. No child will be accepted or released without being signed in/out.
50. Enrollment of your child in Grins & Giggles Child Care secures a space for you to use at will, and therefore must be paid in full whether you choose to use it or not.
51. Parent/guardian will secure a back-up provider in case the child or Provider becomes ill or unavailable. Back-up provider information will be supplied to Provider.